Many years of extensive and valuable experience fulfilling the requirements of aluminum and bronze products make us a competent business partner. In cooperation with our customers, we develop efficient and innovative solutions using 3D CAD designs, FEM, and simulation.

A permanent maintenance and testing of the whole model equipment is guaranteed by a high-end model construction which is integrated into the foundry. Using a modern molding unit and highly modern materials like plastics ensures a long service life of core boxes and pattern plates, reproducibility of sand cores exhibiting minimal wear. Modeling close to the production plant allows a quick and efficient production flow as well as immediate repairs that might be necessary.

Production range aluminum casting acc. DIN EN 1706


  • sand casting (core-intensive, thin-walled and pressure tight)
  • gravity die casting (pressure tight)
  • heat treatment
  • complete mechanical machining
  • surface treatment (coating, finishing, iridite etc.)
  • mounting assembly modules
  • testing (functional test)


  • EN AC-AlSi12
  • EN AC-AlSi10 Mg
  • EN ACAlSi9 Mg
  • EN AC-AlSi8 Cu3
  • EN AC-AlSi7 Mg0,3
  • EN ACAlMg3 Si
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Product range Copper alloys acc. to DIN EN 1706


  • Sand casting (core-intensive, thin-walled and pressure-tight)
  • Complete mechanical processing
  • Surface treatment (coatings, paintwork, chromating, etc.)
  • Assembly modules assembly
  • Check (functional test)

Cast copper alloys:

  • CuSn5Zn5Pb5-C
  • CuSn3SN5ZnPb3 lead reduced drinking water alloy
  • CuSn10-Cu
  • CuSn12-C
  • CuZn35Mn2

In addition, we are already able to reliably cast ECOCAST 3 .

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We specialize in the assembling of assembly modules for all kinds of fittings, especially those meant for tanks. We achieve maximum precision by using our highly efficient assembly lines and also by conducting regular and systematic quality checks, all of which makes sure that we meet client requirements.

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Refuelling and petrol station equipments are constructed with ELAFLEX HIBY GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg. We recommend visiting their website:

Our services range from giving expert advice to design recommendations. We pay close attention to all relevant issues on materials, assess if the molding of component designs will be feasible and prepare proposals for further improving the quality and reducing costs. Possible risks that could occur during the casting process are visualized by simulating the molding process, making sure to identify and resolve issues in advance, if necessary. We use our MS project software to control and monitor all projects. At request, we provide the entire components geometries (e.g. based on the geometry of welded parts). Only the functional component test is left to be handled by the customer himself. Thus, modern foundries like ELAFLEX HIBY contribute significantly to the development of products. Given this modern, interdisciplinary approach to cooperation and in light of the chances offered by product development, engineers should no longer be shy but take advantage of customized cast components instead.