We develop efficient and innovative solutions in cooperation with our customers. We handle the entire planning process, from the initial idea to serial production. Many years of extensive and valuable experience managing the requirements of aluminum, bronze and gunmetal products have made us a competent business partner.

Integrated into the foundry, our highly modern model construction ensures permanent maintenance and inspection of our model equipment. Our sophisticated automatic molding plant in comibnation with the latest materials guarantee extremely durable core boxes and pattern plates as well as reproducible sand cores exhibiting minimum wear. Modeling close to the production plant allows for a quick and efficient production flow as well as immediate repairs that might be necessary.

Using five computerized core shooters with a maximum shot volume of 10 liters, we produce the required sand cores using the cold-box and the hot-box method in our core molding plant. We use a manually operated machine to produce samples and small series. Our great expertise in core-casting enables us to produce nested packages as well as cores with inserts such as slide bearings. We provide so-called “unworkable undercuts” by applying additional cores.

In order to guarantee a permanent top quality of our cores, we regularly perform the following tests:

  • Receiving inspection and testing of quartz sand
  • Determination of the loss on ignition
  • Testing the core strength
  • Test reports on the dimensional accuracy

Our automatic molding plant guarantees a smooth high-quality sand casting production (core intensive, thin-walled and offset-free). With each crucible, we are able to process a different material or alloy. A final performance test as well as our competent and skilled employees ensure the high level of perfection of our ELALFEX HIBY products. Our employees receive regular training. They are creative as well as experienced and keep setting new impulses to stimulate quality assurance and innovation.

The range of mechanical processing is another element of the value added offer for the complete line: model making, casting, mechanical processing and mounting.

The service offer comprises the manufacturing of high quality turned parts showing different geometrics -high quantities as well as less.

Our technical latest machine outfit includes processing and milling centres, revolving transfer machines with automatically multi-units for the completely machining in one clamping only.

In multi-shifts we are working with as well multiple-machine operation as automatically setting and removal. The processing of round parts up to 45 mm diameter and chucking components up to 250 mm diameter and different threads belongs to our daily working. Efficient flash removal and a certified eco-friendly Hydrojet washer system takes care of clean parts, ready to be machined at once. Several locally SPC-stations ensures confident and well documented quality control.

Know how in assembling

Additional to the production of alu-and gunmetalcast we are specialised in assembling valve components, particularly in the range of filling valves. Efficient assembly lines and constant and methodical quality control ensures high precision matching customers’ expectations. Our store- and delivery service, the just-in-time and accurate despatch, the repeatable sereal production documents the customer focus – this plays a decisive role in our philosophie.

Quality assurance – an essential issue

For us at ELAFLEX HIBY GmbH & Co. KG, it is essential to fulfill our customers’ demands.

We put great importance to a consequent quality planning in order to prevent faults and eliminate potential error sources right from the start. Consequently, we are able to implement stable processes during the realization phase. We continuously monitor these processes and readjust them if necessary.

Frequently held system, process and product audits are held to even further optimize each individual process. On request, we issue EN 10204-3.1 inspection certificates on either material analysis and / or mechanical and technological parameters.

Our management system is certified according to the current version of DIN EN ISO 9001 as well as the ATEX regulation 2014/34/EU. Furthermore, ELAFLEX HIBY GmbH & Co. KG has several component approvals and certifications.

Bronze: CuSn 10 CC480 K / CuSn12 CC483K

Gunmetal: CuSn5Zn5Pb2 CC499K / CuSn5Zn5Pb5 CC491K


Production range aluminum casting acc. DIN EN 1706


  • sand casting (core-intensive, thin-walled and pressure tight)
  • heat treatment
  • complete mechanical machining
  • surface treatment (coating, finishing, iridite etc.)
  • mounting assembly modules
  • testing (functional test)


EN AC-AlSi12, EN AC-AlSi10 Mg, EN AC-AlSi9 Mg, EN AC-AlSi8 Cu3, EN AC-AlSi7 Mg0,3, EN AC-AlMg3 Si